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Happy Pupsgiving!

Thursday, November 24th, 2016

Happy Pupsgiving, everyone!


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Our Pack

Wednesday, November 16th, 2016

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Our Pack

Now that we’re all adapting to new things, I figured I’d introduce our pack!


Ginger is our tripawd. Dan had her since she was 3 days old, and I met them in 2009, when Ginger was 8 years old. She’s really half the reason I fell for Dan! 😀 She’s a Louisiana Catahoula/ Black Mouth Cur mix and we call her Little Grandma. She loves to sleep and is super lazy, and never misses a meal! She’s always been the most easy-going, chill girl! She brought us to this board when she developed a tumor that was wrapped around the tendon, so it was amputation or nothing, so here we are!


Roxy and Rico are our Puerto Rican satos, which is slang for street dog. They’re both just under 3 years old. Roxy was abandoned in a box with a handful of other puppies in military housing when we were living in Puerto Rico. We’d been discussing getting a puppy to help then-11 year old Ginger be more active, so it was meant to be! I went to scope them out before Dan got home and ended up instantly falling for the one who wouldn’t stop snuggling up to me. Brought her home and Ginger was completely indifferent, of course. The vet said Roxy was part chihuahua since she was only 3.5 lbs. Well, she kept growing until 50lbs, so we figure he was a bit off! Roxy is the most affectionate, goofy, snuggly, delicate flower. She has a very dramatic personality!

When Roxy was 4 months old, Dan’s boss found a scraggly litter of puppies on the side of the road and was looking for foster homes. Roxy was just out of the insane puppy stage, and since Ginger never showed any interest in her, Dan thought it would be a good idea. I told him “if you mean foster for 98894982 days, then YES!” So we went over and brought Roxy with us to pick out a puppy. Well, she ended up being a little chicken there and one sensitive little boy came and just sat by her. No pressure, just sat and kept her company. That scruffy little boy picked out Roxy, and he became our Rico!

Ri had a ton of issues as a pup. He was underweight, had mange, separation anxiety, and was afraid of the dark and of loud noises. Our neighborhood backed up to a highway, so there was constant street noise. Now that we’ve moved and settled in Alaska in a quiet town, he’s made tons of progress and can actually relax when he’s outside! Together, R&R are best friends and play all the time, and snuggle up to each other. The best part is he definitely brought Ginger out of her shell! He annoyed her with constant kisses, but she loves it now! If Rico is having downtime and being chill, Ginger will try to get him to play with her. Ri is the sweetest, most sensitive, loving boy!


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Ginger’s 4th Day

Tuesday, November 8th, 2016

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

Ginger is having a bit rougher day today. She had her drain tube removed last night, which went okay. She refused to leave her bed to go potty, and after she got carried out, she refused to come back in. She’s being a stubborn girl today! I think she’s bummed she can’t hop up on her sofa. Now she’s settled on her bed near the fireplace and getting warm.

Ginge has been a bit shaky again today, so we upped her tramadol meds a bit (we started low to see how she did) and we’re staggering it with the rimadyl. She’s eating lots and is quite happy about that, at least!


Ginger’s first day as a Tripawd

Sunday, November 6th, 2016

Well, it’s certainly been a crazy 24 hours! I took Ginger in yesterday for a soft tissue sarcoma tumor removal on her leg. The vet and a specialist looked at it and it was wrapped around the tendon, and was virtually impossible to remove. Ginge was a great candidate for amputation, so here we are. She’s still pretty drugged and sleepy, but she’s doing great! This was her first potty break (she was carried in and out as she’s not quite up to maneuvering around yet.)