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Ginger’s 4th Day

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Ginger is having a bit rougher day today. She had her drain tube removed last night, which went okay. She refused to leave her bed to go potty, and after she got carried out, she refused to come back in. She’s being a stubborn girl today! I think she’s bummed she can’t hop up on her sofa. Now she’s settled on her bed near the fireplace and getting warm.

Ginge has been a bit shaky again today, so we upped her tramadol meds a bit (we started low to see how she did) and we’re staggering it with the rimadyl. She’s eating lots and is quite happy about that, at least!


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6 Responses to “Ginger’s 4th Day”

  1.   mysweetted Says:

    I think mysweetted got a little stubborn around day 4…and ran up the stairs to sleep in our room (like he did before surgery). He loved being outside and just enjoying the fresh air and people watching. So, from my experience she sounds “normal”. However, I would make sure not to try to take her off meds before she should be. I think the vet gave us meds to last for two weeks and we used them. I’m all for not taking too much but the first week I really felt like Ted needed them – even though he was and is very stoic with his pain. Glad things are going well – and I love the pics.

    •   tasha7712 Says:

      Good to know this is “normal”ish! She’s been getting 1 tramadol and 1/2 rimadyl every 12 hours. I gave her 2 tramadol (vet said up to 4 in 24 hours) and she’s crashed out now.

  2.   benny55 Says:

    Awww Ginger, recovering from major surgery while adjusting to three legs HURTS!!

    And you’ll be getting back up on YOUR sofa in no time! That was such an important milestone for my Hapoy Hannah when she was able to relcaim her sofa!

    And even though you don’t feel too spiffy right now, that’s a beautiful picture of you in the snow…makes me shiver though!

    Not sure hownoften Gingernis getting her Tramadol , but sometimes it’s the frequency thst needs adjustment. Just keep a note of when her pain becomes noticeable and see if it shows up a bit before her next dose is due. If so, speak with your vet about shortening the time inbetween.

    I know it’s soooo hard to be patient when our pups don’t feel good. Ginger WILL start to get her sparkle back sloooowly but surely! I love that she’s not about to miss a meal regardless! Ginger has her priorities!!

    Love and hugs!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    •   tasha7712 Says:

      Thank you!! She really is doing very well, considering! And that snow..we’re freezing! And more will be coming soon enough. Today was relatively “warm” at 39 degrees, at least!

  3.   jerry Says:

    Ginger, I hope you’re feeling even better today. How are you my dear? My people just had a chance to catch up on blogs and they hope that you’re doing well. We all send our love!

    •   tasha7712 Says:

      Thank you! She’s doing great physically, but she a rough day yesterday mentally. She was pretty insecure when she went potty in the morning, and as a result she refused to step foot outside for the rest of the day. She went 24 hours without pottying. It’s a good thing she’s strong! She finally went out this morning and seems to be more confident today.

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