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One last day

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Ginger’s had a rough week and she’s letting us know it’s time. We have a vet coming out to the house tomorrow at 4pm. I’m so grateful for that option as she’ll be happier not having to get in the car, and Roxy and Rico will be able to say goodbye. They’ve been especially snuggly with her the past few days. We’ve stayed in and watched movies all day and we’re doing pizza night now in hopes she’ll try to take a bite or two. <3

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8 Responses to “One last day”

  1.   Avalon Says:

    I don’t look forward to that day for Avy. In my prayers.

  2.   misterrustybucket Says:

    I will be thinking of you, Ginger, Roxy and Rico. It sounds like you are truly taking the time to celebrate a life well-loved and well-lived. I will be thinking of you and sending hugs and picturing Ginger’s face in that picture of her in the truck, that really made me laugh. What a beautiful thing you are doing for Ginger. I know it will be heart breaking but I think we can all only wish for such a send off surrounded by those who truly love us.
    I wish you a wonderful day with Ginger and a heart full of precious memories. I went back and looked at your posts again back to that first ridiculously pretty picture of her first potty break as a tripawd in front of the mountains. What a great tribute you have created in this blog. Your love for Ginger is amazing.
    With lots of Love – Amy & Rusty

  3.   megstamum Says:

    Thinking of you and your wonderful pack. It’s a very special love you share ❤️

  4.   benny55 Says:

    A very indeed. Ginger has been loved every mome t kf everyday. A d now she will be surrounded by that same love as she runs to the Bridge.

    Surrounding you with our love and peace

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie

  5.   travisray Says:

    Sending you and Ginger today. She fought the good fight and you were there supporting her every step of the way. It is lovely that you have a vet who will come to you. Peace to you and ginger.

    Martha, Travis Ray and the Oaktown Pack

  6.   travisray Says:

    Meant to say sending you and Ginger lots of love today!❤️❤️❤️

  7.   hester Says:

    Sending love and peace and wishes for a gentle journey for your beautiful, sweet girl. And comfort to you at this hardest of moments. You have given her all she could ask for.


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